Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Campaign Part 1 - Starting Out

It has been awhile folks. As I have noted on my personal blog, I pretty much have some hurting wrists to deal with, which prevented me from being able to write up posts. I should be okay now and I'd like to reward some your patience with a bit of info on Campaign.

In the Wings of the Goddess expansion, players are placed into the past where the Crystal War took place. During this period, armies are constantly attacking each other in the attempt to take over regions and nations. There are many aspects to Campaign, though most will refer it to "Campaign Battles," which are battles that involve defending or attacking a fortification in an area.

However, this guide will hope to expand the reader's knowledge on Campaign as a whole, as many of these things offer a lot of opportunities for players to dive right in and help out their nation without the repetition of constant Campaign battles, though that aspect will be covered as well.

First's thing's first: Requirements

In order to partake in the Crystal War and do Campaign related material, you will first need to buy a copy of the Wings of the Goddess Expansion.

Final Fantasy XI Online: Wings of the Goddess Expansion Pack For PC
Final Fantasy XI: Wings of the Goddess Expansion Pack For PS2
Final Fantasy XI Online: Wings of the Goddess Expansion Pack For Xbox 360

Once you have that, all you need to do is activate the right quests and do a few things.

I strongly suggest that before you tackle on the new content in Wings of the Goddess that you have a job that can cast Sneak/Invis, as there will be a lot of walking required the first time you go through the new areas. WHM/SCH/RDM/NIN/DNC are all able to self Sneak/Invis themselves. You can also do this by carrying Silent Oil and Prism/Rainbow Powders as well, however, it is a more expensive route and again, there is a LOT of walking involved. Also, give yourself ample time as well but you can divide each section up and come back to it if you want to take it one step at a time.

Starting Out: Maws

Upon registering your expansion, you will need to enter a Cavernous Maw. These are the gates that will send you back to the past. However, the first Maw you enter must be from either:

Batallia Downs H-5
Rolanberry Fields H-6
Sauromugue Campaign K-9*

*This requires going through the banishing gates.

Once you go to one of those three maws, a cutscene will play and you'll end up in the past... However...

Take note of what zone you entered in the past.

This is important because when you go into one of those three maws for the first time, you can be spit out of any of those three maws at random. The maw/zone that you end up getting spit out of will be the only maw that you can use (at that time) to go back to the past in. I say this because if you were to take, for example, the Batallia Maw and end up in Sauromugue and you decide to warp out or home point, that means you need to go through the Sauromugue Maw and that requires going through the banishing gates which need multiple people. Don't put yourself in this situation.

From this point forward, any maw that you interact with in the past will become usable in the future. So again, if you were spit out of Sauromugue Maw, run to Batallia or Rolanberry and activate those maws. There are nine maws in total, here are their locations:

Batallia Downs H-5
Rolanberry Fields H-6
Sauromugue Campaign K-9
Jugner Forest H-11
Pashhow Marshlands K-8
East Ronfaure H-5
North Gustaburg K-7
West Sarutabaruta H-9

Note again: You must activate these in the past in order to use them in the present.

Starting Out: Campaign Affiliation

Before going around and beating campaign mobs up for EXP, you need to be affiliated with a nation in the past. Note that this has nothing to do with your current affiliation to a nation in the present. You can be Windurst in the present and San d'Orian in the past. First, you will need to get a letter of recommendation from an NPC. You can get one from the following NPCs for the following nations (Note that all zones are refering to the past):

Bastok: Turbulent Storm @ Eldieme J-9
San d'Oria: Randecque @ Garlaige I-6
Windurst: Kalsu-Kalasu @ Crawlers L-8

It is important to have one of these letters of recommendations as it would incur a lot of sorrow and frustration if one didn't take the time to enter these zones and take one. It is required to be affliated to a nation and also required to do Campaign. Once you get the letter key item, now it is time to take the long trek to a nation.

Starting Out: Journey to Home

Again, I would like to point out that you should have a job that can constantly sneak/invis themselves as this will require a bit of walking. Even having a level 75 job is not enough to avoid aggro from certain mobs. I also suggest having a map from Vana'diel Atlas at the ready, as the map that you have in-game does not point out the new zones and barricades that exist.

Here are the paths you should take when walking to a nation. Note that in order to access all the areas, you will need to take all three routes. Thankfully there is an NPC that can teleport you inside each nation's walls and NPCs at fortifications that can teleport you back into those nations. Lets start walking!

If you're going to Windurst:

- Start in Sauromugue Campaign and zone to Meriphataud @ K-11
- In Meriphataud, zone to Fort K-N (new area) @ C-6 or C-8
- In Fort K-N, walk to F-8, your map will change
- In the new map, walk to F-11, your map will change again
- Zone to West Sarutabaruta @ D-14
- In Saruta, zone to Windurst @ J-9

If you're going to Bastok:

- Start in Rolanberry and zone to Pashhow @ H-14
- In Pashhow, zone to Grauberg (new area) @ F-11
- In Grauberg, zone to North Gustaberg @ C-14
- In Gustaberg, go up the ramp at F-9 and zone to Bastok @ J-9

If you're going to San d'Oria:

- Start in Batallia and zone to Jugner @ F-9
- In Jugner, zone to Vunkerl Inlet (new area) @ L-6
- In Vunkerl, zone to Jugner @ D-10
- In Jugner, zone to East Ronfaure @ F-5
- In Ronfaure, zone to San d'Oria @ G-6

Along the way, try to activate the maws. Once you make it to the nation and submit your letter of recommendation, you will need to do a quick quest which is different per nation:

Windurst: Snakes on the Plains
Bastok: The Fighting Fourth
San d'Oria: Steamed Rams

Upon completing the associated quest: Congrats! You can now do Campaign related operations and battles.

Stay tuned for part 2! I'll be covering Campaign battles and Campaign Ops. For the mean time, go ahead and try to get the rest of the zones sorted out and unlock each area. Explore your nation a bit too and get to know the NPCs. Until next time.